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Break Up with the Lies and Fall in Love with the Truth
Struggling with singleness? Wondering how to thrive in your current season? Discover an abundant, fulfilling life right now.

Here’s the thing, though. Not only is singleness not a problem, but marriage doesn’t solve problems anyway. It just puts a ring on them.


“Your best days are the days you live to the fullest. That starts now. Your best days aren’t the ones that lie ahead, somewhere on the other side of romance, a career, or a family. Your best days are the ones you’re living now.” Rich Wilkerson, Jr., has encouraged, counseled and led thousands of individuals through the different seasons that life brings. His message in this book is clear, life is made of seasons, and no season is lost or forever. Rich explains that marriage does not produce contentment. Rather, contentment comes from learning to find value in the season you’re experiencing today. With his typical wit and profound insight into the gospel and culture, Rich will take us on a journey to see the beautiful, fun, productive stage of life called being single in a new way.  With that in mind, if you are single, were single, or know a single, this book is for you.
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You might be single, but you’re not stuck. Being single is your blessing, not your problem. It is not an obstacle to your happiness.

About the Author

Rich Wilkerson Jr. is a dynamic communicator with a passion for Jesus and people. He and his wife, DawnCheré, are the lead pastors of VOUS Church in Miami, FL. VOUS is a catalyst of faith, creativity, and diversity that celebrates the unique culture of its vibrant city. Rich and DawnCheré are the founders of VOUS Conference, an annual gathering in the heart of Miami centered on encountering God, equipping the church, and empowering the next generation of leaders. Rich is the author of two books, Sandcastle Kings: Meeting Jesus in a Spiritually Bankrupt World and Friend of Sinners: Why Jesus Cares More About Relationship Than Perfection.
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Single & Secure

This workbook is designed for your personal study as well as for facilitating meaningful group discussions. Leverage this workbook on its own or as an additional supplement to Single & Secure: Break Up With the Lies and Fall in Love With the Truth.

What's included:
- 11 sessions
- Chapter recaps
- Scripture application
- 6 group/personal discussion questions per session
- Guided prayers
- Recommended reading
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Soltero Y Seguro

“Soltero y Seguro”, el libro más reciente del Pastor Rich Wilkerson Jr., es una guía para una vida plena y gratificante de a uno.“Tus mejores días son los que vivas a pleno. Empiezan hoy. Tus mejores días no están en el futuro, una vez que encuentres el amor, tengas una carrera o formes una familia. Tus mejores días son los que estás viviendo hoy.”Rich Wilkerson, Jr. ha alentado, aconsejado y guiado a miles de individuos en distintas etapas de la vida. El mensaje de su libro es claro: la vida está hecha de temporadas y ninguna es eterna ni es tiempo perdido. Rich explica que el matrimonio en sí no produce contentamiento. Por el contrario, el contentamiento se encuentra aprendiendo a descubrir el valor de la temporada en la que estemos. Con el ingenio que lo caracteriza y su perspicacia en lo tocante al evangelio y la cultura, Rich nos llevará a ver con nuevos ojos la belleza, la diversión, la productividad de esta etapa de la vida que se llama soltería. Por todo esto, si estás soltero, estuviste soltero o conoces a un soltero, este libro es para ti.
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As you read this book, be encouraged and equipped.
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Book Chapters
Your Best Days

1. Single and Stuck
2. It’s Your Party
3. A Tale of Three Singles
4. Secrets of Secure People
5. Get Out of Your Head
6. A Season for Everything
7. Break Up or Break Down
8. How to Handle Heartbreak
9. Dehydrated Dating
10. Let’s Talk about Sex
11. Critical Relationship

The Path Ahead

Collection Of Talks

No matter what season of life you find yourself in, there's purpose in it. Dive into topics such as relationships, singleness, security, purpose, and a life built upon Jesus in this collection of talks: Single & Secure.
Single & Secure / Rich Wilkerson Jr.
Know Your Worth
Single & Secure / Rich Wilkerson Jr.
Don’t Believe The Lie
Single & Secure / Rich Wilkerson Jr.
Be Peculiar
Single & Secure / Rich Wilkerson Jr.
Heartache and Heartbreak
Single & Secure / Rich Wilkerson Jr.
Dehydrated Dating
Single & Secure / Rich & DawnCheré Wilkerson
Tying The Knot